Light 140 Fjordsen 2

Light 140 rooftop tent

Small in proportions,
big in space.

€ 1595.00 Incl. VAT

2 min
220 x 140 cm
Light 140 Grijs 7
Light 140 Grijs 6
Light 140 Grijs 5
Light 140 Grijs 4
Light 140 Grijs 2
Light 140 Grijs 3
Light 140 Blauw 7
Light 140 Blauw 6
Light 140 Blauw 4
Light 140 Blauw 3
Light 140 Blauw 2
Light 140 Blauw 5
Light 140 Groen 6 (2)
Light 140 Groen 5 (2)
Light 140 Groen 3 (2)
Light 140 Groen 2 (2)
Light 140 Groen 1 (2)
Light 140 Groen 4 (2)

Set it up in an instant and take it down just as quickly

Create a sleeping place on top of your car in no time with the Fjordsen Light 140 rooftop tent. The Light 140 is extremely lightweight, making it easy to set up on your own. With the Light 140 rooftop tent, you can go anywhere and need very little camping space, making it the ideal tent for your camping holiday.

Fjordsen rooftop tent: It’s all in the details

All Fjordsen rooftop tents are handcrafted to guarantee the highest quality. The Fjordsen Light 140 rooftop tent is one of the most spacious rooftop tents in the world. We have created that feeling of space by bending the side walls outwards and making the ridge as high as possible. The Fjordsen Light range features a patented rail system and telescopic tubes, and the silicone coating ensures the tent can withstand strong winds and rain.

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Tent and platform dimensions

Open: 220 x 140 x 140

Closed: 140 x 110 x 35 cm

Space Enough for 1-2 people
Material 70D rip-stop nylon
Coating Anti-UV 50 silicone coating outside
Water column 3500 mm H20
Colours Black and dark green
Grey and blue
Black and grey
Set up within 2 minutes
Windows Four large windows with insect screens
High quality The Fjordsen Light 140 is a spacious rooftop tent of the highest quality. It is made of strong, light and durable materials. The unique Fjordsen platform (used in every Fjordsen rooftop tent) is made of EPP sheets and strong, lightweight aluminium profiles.

50 kg (complete rooftop tent)


Tent platform, extendable system, extendable aluminium
ladder (240 cm), mounting kit for roof racks.


Good to know

The Fjordsen Light 140 rooftop tent is ...

Extremely comfortable

The floor of the Fjordsen Light 140 is made of foam panels on an aluminium frame. The combination results in an extremely sturdy floor that hardly deforms when someone turns over in bed. The floor also provides optimal insulation against low temperatures.

Light as a feather

The Fjordsen Light's clever construction and use of lightweight materials keep the weight relatively low, allowing it to be mounted on almost any car. Even on a Volkswagen Up!

Set up in two minutes 

The Fjordsen Light rooftop tent can easily be set up by one person and is ready to use within two minutes. It can be taken down just as quickly.

Downloads & video's

Download the Fjordsen Light 140 user guide:



Watch our instructional videos about the Fjordsen Light 140 rooftop tent:

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Can my car hold the weight?

The Fjordsen Light 140 is lightweight and fits almost any car. Use the car checker to find out whether your car is suitable. Please note: you are always responsible for your vehicle and everything you transport in or on your vehicle. On no account may a person or animal be transported in the rooftop tent while the vehicle is in motion. By purchasing a Fjordsen rooftop tent, you accept that Fjordsen can never be held responsible for the installation of your rooftop tent on your vehicle, the behaviour of the driver with your rooftop tent on the vehicle, or the use of your rooftop tent.
Use the car checker

What is the delivery time?

Fjordsen Light 140 rooftop tents are in stock. This means that they can be delivered quickly if you order today. The delivery time varies from one to four weeks.

How will my Fjordsen rooftop tent be shipped to my address?

We pay great care and attention to the safe delivery of your rooftop tent to the delivery address. The tent and all components are packed carefully and securely for shipping. We select the best transport companies who are known for their punctuality and proper handling of our packages. We do everything in our power to ensure that our high-quality rooftop tent reaches you in pristine condition. You will receive your Fjordsen rooftop tent in four boxes: Box 1/4 = Tent cloth, Box 2/4 = Platform, Box 3/4 = Profiles and Box 4/4 = Assembly components.

How can I reduce condensation in my tent?

All Fjordsen rooftop tents are waterproof. However, it is almost impossible to prevent condensation in extremely humid conditions. The rooftop tent features ventilation on all sides to minimise condensation. The fabric of our Fjordsen AIR XL roof tent is different. This fabric is able to absorb moisture at night and release it during the day. This fabric is a lot more expensive and also a lot heavier than the lightweight material of the LIGHT 140/220. As a result, the AIR XL is also a lot heavier (about 14 kg) and € 700 more expensive. Both materials we use for the production of our tents have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how you want to use the tent which product is the best choice for you.

What payment methods does Fjordsen accept?

We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Credit card, iDEAL, Giropay, SOFORT Banking, EPS, Invoice, Bank transfer, Bancontact, Belfius, KBC/CBC, Klarna and Przelewy24.

What is your return and refund policy?

Our return and refund policy can be found here:
Return and refund policy


So you've got your rooftop tent, but which mattress goes best with it? We recommend a mattress that is not too thick. In our experience, inflatable mattresses are the best option, depending on the number of people sleeping in the tent. We recommend the Quechua self-inflating mattresses or comfortable sleeping mats available from Decathlon.

Please observe a maximum thickness of 5 to 7 cm for fixed mattresses. Why? This allows the mattresses to remain in the rooftop tent while it is closed for driving.

The maximum usable floor area for mattresses in the Fjordsen Light 140 is 125 x 220 cm. This means, for example:

  • 2 x Quechua sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm
  • 1x Quechua air comfort inflatable mattress 120 x 200 cm

You are high and dry. No matter how hard it rains.

  • Anti-UV 50 silicone coating outside
Set Up Fjordsen

Easy to set up on your own.

  • Set up within two minutes
Always A Great View

Always a fantastic view!

  • All four sides of the rooftop tent can be completely opened

The Fjordsen car checker

Fill in the car checker to find out which rooftop tent fits your car! Fjordsen rooftop tents fit on almost every car. We have kept our rooftop tents relatively light using smart design and lightweight materials. This means that you can even go rooftop tent camping in your Volkswagen Up or Renault Clio.

We do not know the roof carrying weight of your car. Check your car manual for more information.
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