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Beyond X Large rooftop tent

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Beyond X Large rooftop tent

Lightweight and spacious
all NEW from Fjordsen

2 min
220 x 220 x 140 cm
2 years
Fits every car

Beyond X Large

€ 1899,00

  • Shipped next day
  • 2 year garanty
  • Fits every car

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Most spacious rooftop tent on the market

With the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent you experience 6,3 M3 of camping fun! The Fjordsen Beyond X Large has a clever construction, fresh-and-black cover to keep the lower temperatures inside and thoroughly tested platform. 

Cooler inside

The Beyond X Large rooftop tent is made of special KeepCool material. Due to this technology, less light enters the rooftop tent, so that you can sleep in a cooler and darker space. Therefore, the temperature in the rooftop tent is lower.

As light as a feather, for any car

Due to the smart construction and the use of lightweight materials, the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent has a relatively low weight. Therefore, the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent can be mounted on almost any car. Even on a Volkswagen Up! 

What is included?

You will receive your Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent in 4 boxes. You can assembly the Fjordsen rooftop tent yourself with our manual. Everything you need to install the Fjordsen Beyond X rooftop tent onto your car is included. You just have to make sure you have roofbars or a roof rack on your car and you're good to go. NB! The hinge protection is not included with the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent.


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Fixing kit

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Open: 220 cm x 220 cm x 140 cm

Closed: 110 cm x 220 cm x 35 cm

Space: Enough space for 3–4 persons

Canvas material: 210D Oxford polyester PU3000 mm

Pop-up tent hinge material: PA6 +30 % GF (70 % polyamide 6+30 % glass fibre)

Pop-up tent pole material: Fibreglass reinforced plastic 9,5 mm in diameter.

Coating: Silicone-coated exterior, Anti-UV 50

Hydrostatic head: 3500 mm H20

Colours: Black-Gray

Set up: within 2 minutes

Windows: 8 large windows with insect screen

Floor: comfortable floor made of EPP-panels and strong, lightweight aluminium profiles

Weight: 54 kg (complete rooftop tent)

Mattress size: maximum size 220 cm x 205 cm, 5 to 7 cm thick


We pay great care and attention to the safe delivery of your rooftop tent to your home. The tent and all components are packed carefully and securely for shipping. We select the best transport companies known for their punctuality and proper handling of our packages. We do everything in our power to ensure that your high-quality Fjordsen rooftop tent reaches you in pristine condition.


The shipping costs for our rooftop tents depend on your location. The following is an overview of the shipping costs per country. If you would like to have a rooftop tent delivered somewhere else, please contact us, and we will calculate the shipping costs for you.

Country Orders up to €100 Orders between €101-200 Orders over €200
The Netherlands €15 €29 €29
Belgium €15 €29 €29
France €15 €29 €50
Germany €15 €29 €50
Switzerland €15 €29 €50
Italy €15 €29 €50
Spain €15 €29 €50
Austria €15 €29 €50
United Kingdom €15 €29 €50
Norway €15 €29 €50
Sweden €15 €29 €50
Finland €15 €29 €50
Denmark €15 €29 €50


The shipping costs for the rest of the Fjordsen product range vary, depending on the product and country. You can view the total shipping costs for your order during checkout.


Watch our instructional video about the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent:

Watch here


Can my car hold the weight?

The Fjordsen Beyond X is lightweight and fits almost any car. Please note: you are always responsible for your vehicle and everything you transport in or on your vehicle. On no account may a person or animal be transported in the rooftop tent while the vehicle is in motion. By purchasing a Fjordsen rooftop tent, you accept that Fjordsen can never be held responsible for the installation of your rooftop tent on your vehicle, the behaviour of the driver with your rooftop tent on the vehicle, or the use of your rooftop tent.

How can I reduce condensation in my tent?

All Fjordsen rooftop tents are waterproof. However, it is almost impossible to prevent condensation in extremely humid conditions. The rooftop tent features ventilation on all sides to minimise condensation.

How many persons fit into the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent?

The Beyond X Large rooftop tent fits up to four people.


So you've got your rooftop tent, but which mattress goes best with it? We recommend a mattress that is not too thick. In our experience, inflatable mattresses are the best option, depending on the number of people sleeping in the tent. We recommend the Quechua self-inflating mattresses or comfortable sleeping mats available from Decathlon.

Please observe a maximum thickness of 5 to 7 cm for fixed mattresses. Why? This allows the mattresses to remain in the rooftop tent while it is closed for driving.

The maximum usable floor area for mattresses in the Fjordsen Light 140 is 205 x 220 cm.

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