Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
1795 In stock

Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent
Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent

Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftop tent

 1.795,00 (incl. VAT)

 1.483,47 (ex. VAT)

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  • Black-Dark Green
  • Grey-Blue
  • Black-Dark Grey

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Set-up time: 2 minutes

Suitable for 3-4 people (220 x 220 cm)

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Fjordsen rooftop tents: Happy Camping!

Camping in a tent on the roof of your car is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. A rooftop tent approaches the freedom and convenience of a motorhome at a fraction of the price. In Scandinavia, for example, where wild camping is usually allowed, you can enjoy that beautiful sunset in a National Park or a waterfall you just discovered. Park the car, unfold the roof tent and enjoy! It's up to you.

Fjordsen Light

Fjordsen's product developers have spent more than two years designing the perfect rooftop tent; the result is the Fjordsen Light.

What are the benefits?

The view!

All four sides of a Fjordsen rooftop tent can be fully opened, giving you a fantastic view of your surroundings. The increased height due to being mounted on a car roof helps. The openings are all fitted with insect screens.


The Fjordsen Light's clever construction and use of lightweight materials keep the weight relatively low, allowing it to be fitted to almost any car. Even on a Volkswagen Up! If you have standard roof racks on your car, two people can easily lift and attach the tent. Don't be put off by your car's specified maximum roof load. That only applies to a moving car. When stationary, your car's roof can hold hundreds of kilos with ease. Check if your car is suitable with our Car Checker.


A rooftop tent should offer a lot of space. We made the Fjordsen rooftop tents extra spacious by allowing the side walls to lean outwards and making the ridge (the highest point) as high as possible. Our patented rail system and telescopic tubes make the Fjordsen Light one of the world's most spacious roof tents.


The floor is made of plastic foam panels on an aluminium frame. It is an exceptionally stiff and sturdy combination (the floor hardly deforms if someone turns over in bed) and provides excellent insulation against low temperatures.


One person can easily set up the Fjordsen Light rooftop tent. Your rooftop tent is ready to use within two minutes!

Size Tent and Platform Open: 220 x 220 cm and 140 cm inside height. Closed: 220 x 110 x 35 cm
Space Up to 4 people (e.g. two adults and/or one or two children)
Material Nylon rip-stop material 70D
Coating Silicon coating outside, Anti-UV 50
Watercolumn 3500 mm H20
Colours Black-Dark Green or Grey-Blue or Black-Dark Grey
Set-up time 2 minutes
Windows 4 windows with mosquito net
Top quality The Fjordsen LIGHT 220 is a big spacious roof tent of the highest quality. All materials are strong, light and durable. The unique Fjordsen platform (used on every Fjordsen rooftop tent) is made of EPP plates and strong, lightweight aluminum profiles
Tent platform Included
Slide-out system Included
Retractable aluminum ladder (240cm) Included
Mounting kit for roofbars Included
Nett Weight  60kg (total rooftop tent)
 Why choose Fjordsen?
  1. The view
  2. Lightweight
  3. Spacious
  4. Comfortable
  5. Convenient
  6. Top-quality
  7. Value for money
  8. Dutch Design
The vehicle manufacturer’s advice is based on the load while driving: see animation Roof Load. When the vehicle is stationary, roof racks can handle about four to five times the weight. The roof of a stationary vehicle can easily carry 200 to 400 kg. Will the Fjordsen Roof Tent fit my Car? See the Car Checker.

Important in general: in any situation, you are always responsible for your vehicle and everything you transport in or on your vehicle. On no account may a person or animal be transported in the roof tent while the vehicle is in motion. By purchasing a Fjordsen roof tent you also accept that Fjordsen can never be held responsible for the installation of your roof tent to the vehicle, the driving behaviour of the driver with your roof tent attached to the vehicle, or the use of your roof tent.
All Fjordsen Rooftop tents are produced by hand. This way we guarantee the high quality of every Fjordsen Rooftop tent. The delivery takes place on the basis of the order moment. Fjordsen AIR XL Rooftents and Fjordsen LIGHT 220 Rooftents and Fjordsen LIGHT 140 Rooftents are in stock. Order now = fast delivery (about 12 working days).

Fjordsen pays a lot of attention and care to the safe transport of your Fjordsen roof tent to your delivery address. The roof tent and all durable parts are packed firmly and carefully. In addition, we select the best transport companies that are known for their punctuality and thorough handling of our packages. We want our top quality roof tent to reach you in top condition. So that you can enjoy the Fjordsen roof tent for years. You will receive the rooftop tent in 4 boxes

Box 1/4 = Tent Canvas

Box 2/4 =Platform

Box 3/4 = Profiles

Box 4/4 = Assembly parts

Fjordsen accepts a variety of payment methods: PayPal, Creditcard, SOFORT Banking, Giropay, EPS, Invoice, Banktransfer, Bancontact, iDEAL, Belfius, KBC/CBC, Klarna, Przelewy24

You can find our Return Policy on the Customer Service page.

Fjordsen is committed to being a sustainable company and strives to make the Fjordsen AIR XL and Fjordsen LIGHT roof tent as sustainable and affordable as possible.

People have different preferences for a mattress (thick, thin, soft, hard), and people also often already own a good inflatable or another perfectly fine mattress. As a result, many manufacturers supply cheap and poor-quality mattresses.

We want to maintain our high-quality standards and do not consider sending mattresses around the world environmentally friendly. Moreover, the package would only become larger and heavier, and it would make the end product more expensive. In short:

1) the product is cheaper, allowing you to purchase a large roof tent at Fjordsen for less,

2) it is more environmentally friendly, and

3) you can place a mattress of choice in the Fjordsen AIR XL and Fjordsen LIGHT roof tent and sleep more comfortably.

The maximum mattress size for the Fjordsen AIR XL and the LIGHT220 is 220 x 205 cm. For the LIGHT140 it is 220 x 125 cm.
When closed, the roof tent fits a mattress up to 5-7 cm thick.
An inflatable mattress is ideal as well. For additional Mattress Info, see the special page for the relevant roof tent, or read further below:

Sleeping mats / Mattresses for Fjordsen rooftop tents

When fitting out your Fjordsen rooftop tent, we recommend a mattress that is not too thick. All recommended products are available at Decathlon.

Our recommendations
We recommend inflatable sleeping mats/mattresses such as Quechua self-inflating mattresses or comfortable sleeping mats, depending on the number of people sleeping in the tent. If you have a comfortable, thick sleeping bag, you can also opt for a simpler self-inflating mat.

Fixed, non-inflatable mattresses
Please observe a maximum thickness of 5 to 7 cm for fixed mattresses to allow the mattresses to remain in the rooftop tent while it is closed for driving.

Maximum usable floor space for sleeping mats and mattresses:

For the Fjordsen LIGHT 140, the maximum usable floor space is 125 x 220 cm.
Example 1: LIGHT 140 = 2 x Quechua sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm.
Example 2: LIGHT 140 = 1 x Quechua air comfort inflatable mattress 120 x 200 cm.

For the Fjordsen LIGHT 220, the maximum usable floor space is 205 x 220 cm.
Example 1: LIGHT 220 = 3 x Quechua sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm
Example 2: LIGHT 220 = Quechua ULTIM comfort large air mattress 136 x 200 cm
plus 1x air mattress 70 x 200 cm.
Example 3: LIGHT 220 2 x Quechua ULTIM comfort 70 x 200 cm + 1 Quecha sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm

For the Fjordsen AIR XL, the maximum usable floor space is 205 x 220 cm.
Example 1: LIGHT 220 = 3 x Quechua sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm
Example 2: LIGHT 220 = Quechua ULTIM comfort large air mattress 136 x 200 cm
plus 1x air mattress 70 x 200 cm.
Example 3: LIGHT 220 2 x Quechua ULTIM comfort 70 x 200 cm + 1 Quecha sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm

FJORDSEN is a selected Decathlon Partner.

You would make the Team at Fjordsen very happy with a positive message or nice review about the Fjordsen roof tent and your adventure or vacation. It would be great to read your email and message in our mailbox. Please send your message to Thank you very much in advance!
In principle, Fjordsen delivers directly from its Fjordsen Production Atelier to the end consumer in many countries. Fjordsen thus guarantees the lowest price for roof tents. Only in countries or areas where Fjordsen cannot easily deliver itself or in special cases Fjordsen wants to consider delivering through a reseller. Resellers who have a specific interest can contact us via
€ 1795
220 x 220 cm
60 kg
2 min

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Chevrolet
  • Citroen
  • Dacia
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MG
  • Mini
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Opel
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Seat
  • Skoda
  • Tesla
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

    Check instruction manual for your car








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