Buy a Fjordsen XL rooftop tent

The best 2-4 persons roof tent in the world

Travel anywhere; with the Fjordsen XL roof top tent, you can create a place to sleep in no time. This sturdy roof tent is lightweight and hardly takes up any space. Roof tents are ideal for travelling, going to a festival or for a quick stop-over on your way to a holiday destination. Fjordsen XL roof tents are very suitable for a holiday in your own country. Durable, with an inflatable frame and super-fast to setup.

Order the largest and lightest rooftop tent of its kind

Fjordsen roof tents are robust, affordable and made of high-quality materials. Each tent is handmade within the European Union by Fjordsen. The tents are made of high-quality TenCate tent fabric and are fitted with the most durable zips. The unique folding and inflation systems allow quick and easy setup. Camp wherever you park

Four large roof tent windows offer beautiful views

The Fjordsen XL has a sophisticated and well-thought-out design. Watch the sunset or sunrise from inside the roof tent — views in all directions. The windows are also useful to allow fresh air in or for airing the tent. If you get chilly or you want more privacy in your roof tent, you can always close the ventilation windows. Sleep comfortably surrounded by nature.

The Fjordsen XL rooftop tent fits on top of almost every car

The Fjordsen XL fits on top of almost every car, and weighs less than sixty kilos! As light as it may be, with a comfortable size of 2.20 meters x 2.20 meters, this 4-person roof tent is very spacious, bigger even than a King-size mattress! Excellent camping and sleeping. Easily jump into bed after a long drive and spend the night wherever you park your car. The roof tent is perfect when travelling to different locations. After a good night’s rest you can continue your travels without spending ages packing and clearing up your pitch.

Sleep anywhere

A rooftop tent is ideal for sleeping on any terrain. No more tripping over guy ropes or tent pegs, and you always sleep on a flat surface: no more rocks or hard surfaces ruining your good night's sleep. Safe and high up, so no vermin bothering you. Moreover, you never need worry about a wet or swampy surface or mud on the tent. And when you are ready to go, you deflate the Fjordsen XL roof tent with the central screw cap, fold it up and on to your next adventure!

What type of vehicle do I need?

People often think a roof tent requires owning a 4x4, but our Fjordsen XL roof tents can be mounted on almost every type of car, e.g. a hatchback, sedan or an MPV. The tent weighs less than sixty kilos. Using the universal mounts, the Fjordsen roof tent can easily be attached to the roof racks of an estate car, a coupe, an SUV or van. If the car manufacturer indicates that roof racks can be mounted, a Fjordsen roof tent can be attached. Note: always check in advance what type of roof racks are suitable for your car.

Can my car hold the weight?

The maximum permitted load on roof racks is often eighty kilos. The vehicle manufacturer’s advice is based on the load while driving. When the vehicle is stationary, roof racks can handle about four to five times the weight. The roof of a stationary vehicle can easily carry 200 to 400 kg. In normal use, the car (with roof tent and people inside) is a stationary mass. The people who are normally inside the car are now sleeping on top of the car. The total mass of the vehicle has not changed. If the permitted weight of the vehicle is not exceeded a roof tent is suitable for the vehicle in question. Note: Speed limits vary per country when driving with a roof tent. Important in general: in any situation, you are always responsible for your vehicle and everything you transport in or on your vehicle. On no account may a person or animal be transported in the roof tent while the vehicle is in motion. By purchasing a Fjordsen XL roof tent you also accept that Fjordsen can never be held responsible for the installation of your roof tent to the vehicle, the driving behaviour of the driver with your roof tent attached to the vehicle or the use of your roof tent.

The benefits of a Fjordsen XL rooftop tent:

  • Large and spacious (2.20 m x 2.20 m)
  • A large sleeping space set up in no time (up to 4 people)
  • Lightweight, easy to mount on the car
  • Always sleep on a flat surface with 360°C views
  • Setup you tent on any terrain
  • Requires only a small pitch but utilises the space by unfolding
  • Extra luggage space in the car, because the tent is on the roof
  • Fold it up and ready to go!
  • Sleep high and dry; no more cold ground or moisture
  • High-quality materials for a sustainable roof tent
  • Aerodynamic and can easily withstand strong winds
  • Lightweight, i.e. lower fuel consumption per kilometre
  • Easy to store, even if you have little space
  • Free delivery

Order the Fjordsen XL roof top tent

Order on time and receive a pre-order or early bird discount. With discounts of up to hundreds of euros, the unique high-quality Fjordsen XL roof tent is more than a thousand euros cheaper than other, heavy roof tents, which are smaller. Moreover, the Fjordsen XL roof tent is delivered free of charge in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK and Austria! Various colours and designs are available. Choose a design and order now so that your roof tent is produced on time! Fjordsen ensures reliable and careful delivery.

Go on an adventure with the Fjordsen XL roof tent!

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