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Ground X Medium tent

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Ground X Medium tent

Multifunctional tent

2 min
220 x 146 x 131 cm
2 years

Ground X Medium

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Relaxed camping with the Ground X Medium pop-up tent

The Ground X Medium camping tent is multifunctional. The compact family tent offers enough sleeping space for 1 to 2 people. Set up your tent in just 2 minutes and embark on your holiday! Need some extra space and privacy during your camping trip? The Ground X Medium is also perfect as a side tent, as an add-on for your caravan, camper, large family tent, or roof tent. Create a private sleeping area for your children or a cosy shelter to enjoy meals and relax, protected from adverse weather conditions.

In handy backpack, very practical for festivals

The Ground X Medium pop-up camping tent comes in a handy backpack, making it the ultimate choice for festivals. Carry it on your back with ease, freeing up your hands to bring along other essentials. Whether you're walking to the festival campsite or using public transport, the compact and portable design ensures effortless transportation. It’s the ideal solution for festivalgoers looking for a quick and easy camping experience.

Roof with ‘KeepCool’ material

The roof of the Ground X Medium camping tent is made with special ‘KeepCool’ material. This innovative material helps keeps the tent cool even on scorching summer days by reflecting a significant portion of the sun's rays. This ensures a comfortable sleeping environment, especially in warm climates, so you can get a restful night's sleep, no matter how brightly the sun’s shining. The ‘KeepCool’ roof material adds an extra layer of functionality to the Ground X Medium tent, making it a smart choice for campers seeking cooling and comfort.

Removable groundsheet, cleaner and better-insulated tent

The Ground X Medium pop-up tent comes equipped with a handy, removable groundsheet, providing excellent insulation from the ground. Stay protected from moisture, cold, and insects, while enjoying the added convenience of easy cleaning after your camping adventure. This maintains a hygienic environment and extends the life of the tent. The removable groundsheet of the Ground X Medium pop-up camping tent makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

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Open: 220 cm x 146 cm x 131 cm

Closed: 17 cm x 17 cm x 146 cm

Space: Enough space for 1-2 persons

Canvas material: 210D Oxford polyester PU3000 mm

Pop-up tent hinge material: PA6 +30 % GF (70 % polyamide 6+30 % glass fibre)

Pop-up tent pole material: Fibreglass reinforced plastic 9,5 mm in diameter.

Coating: Silicone-coated exterior, Anti-UV 50

Hydrostatic head: 3500 mm H20

Colours: Black-Grey

Set up: within 2 minutes

Windows: 8 large windows with insect screen

Weight: 10,5 kg

Mattress size: maximum size 220 cm x 125 cm


We pay great care and attention to the safe delivery of your rooftop tent to your home. The tent and all components are packed carefully and securely for shipping. We select the best transport companies known for their punctuality and proper handling of our packages. We do everything in our power to ensure that your high-quality Fjordsen rooftop tent reaches you in pristine condition.


The shipping costs for our rooftop tents depend on your location. The following is an overview of the shipping costs per country. If you would like to have a rooftop tent delivered somewhere else, please contact us, and we will calculate the shipping costs for you.

Country Orders up to €100 Orders between €101-200 Orders over €200
The Netherlands €15 €29 €29
Belgium €15 €29 €29
France €15 €29 €50
Germany €15 €29 €50
Switzerland €15 €29 €50
Italy €15 €29 €50
Spain €15 €29 €50
Austria €15 €29 €50
United Kingdom €15 €29 €50
Norway €15 €29 €50
Sweden €15 €29 €50
Finland €15 €29 €50
Denmark €15 €29 €50


The shipping costs for the rest of the Fjordsen product range vary, depending on the product and country. You can view the total shipping costs for your order during checkout.


So you've got your tent, but which mattress goes best with it? We recommend a mattress that is not too thick. In our experience, inflatable mattresses are the best option, depending on the number of people sleeping in the tent. 

The maximum usable floor area for mattresses in the Fjordsen Ground X Medium is 125 x 220 cm.

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