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Air XL rooftop tent

The most spacious rooftop tent,
unique in its class

€ 2495.00 Incl. VAT

10 min
220 x 220 cm
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Extremely strong rooftop tent made of only the finest materials

The Fjordsen Air XL rooftop tent is a unique tent designed by outdoor designers, technical specialists and camping enthusiasts and produced in the EU. The unique folding and inflation system makes it quick and easy to set up. The Air XL is waterproof, weatherproof and durable thanks to the TenCate tent cloth. The tent is extremely strong and can withstand enormous wind loads and pressure due to its powerful core filled with air using the accompanying compact mobile compressor.

Air XL rooftop tent: Spacious yet compact

The Fjordsen Air XL is a spacious, four-person rooftop tent. With its comfortable dimensions of 220 x 220 cm, it is ideal for families. Despite its large size, the Air XL weighs only 74 kg, making it suitable for almost any car. The rooftop tent can also be set up within 10 minutes, allowing you to quickly get to bed after a long car journey and be on your way again.

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Tent and platform dimensions

Open: 220 x 140 x 220

Closed: 220 x 110 x 35 cm

Space Enough for 1-4 people
Material 70% polyester, 30% PVA
Coating Acrylic coating, water, mould and dirt repellent
Water column 60 cm water column
Colours 8 colour combinations
Set up within 10 minutes. The included compact Fjordsen compressor makes the Fjordsen XL easy to set up.
Windows Four large windows with insect screens
High quality

The Fjordsen XL is the most spacious rooftop tent of the highest quality. It is made of strong, light and durable materials. The microporous acrylic coating makes the fabric waterproof, weatherproof and highly durable. The material is easy to clean and meets the strictest environmental requirements. The unique Fjordsen platform is made of EPP sheets and strong, lightweight aluminium profiles. Every Fjordsen rooftop tent system is thoroughly checked and tested for airtightness for 24 hours. 


74 kg (complete rooftop tent)


Tent platform, 12V universal air compressor system, extendable aluminium ladder (240 cm)

Good to know

The Fjordsen XL rooftop tent is ...

The largest and lightest rooftop tent of its class and size

At 220 x 220 cm, the Fjordsen Air XL rooftop tent can easily accommodate four people, allowing you and your children to sleep comfortably in one tent. The Air XL weighs only 74 kg, so it still fits most cars. 

Four large windows

Watch the sunrise or sunset from inside the rooftop tent. The Fjordsen Air XL offers a great view in every direction. The windows are also great for airing out the tent. If it is too chilly or you just want a little more privacy inside your tent, you can close the ventilation windows for extra protection. 

Ready to handle all weather conditions

The Fjordsen Air XL is extremely strong and can withstand enormous wind loads and pressure once the core has been inflated using the included compact mobile compressor. The Fjordsen Air XL has been officially tested by the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels organisation, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable night's sleep during gusts of up to 50 km/h. 

Downloads & video's

Download the Fjordsen Air XL user guide: 



Watch our instructional videos about the Fjordsen Air XL rooftop tent:

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Does the Fjordsen Air XL fit on my car?

The Fjordsen Air XL is lightweight and fits almost any car. Use the car checker to find out whether your car is suitable. The Fjordsen Air XL uses a universal mounting system and can be installed on most vehicles. It is designed to be mounted on two standard crossbars (not directly on the car roof). Please note: you are always responsible for your vehicle and everything you transport in or on your vehicle. On no account may a person or animal be transported in the rooftop tent while the vehicle is in motion. By purchasing a Fjordsen rooftop tent, you accept that Fjordsen can never be held responsible for the installation of your rooftop tent on your vehicle, the behaviour of the driver with your rooftop tent on the vehicle, or the use of your rooftop tent.
Use the car checker

How do you inflate the Air XL?

You can inflate the rooftop tent with the included Fjordsen air compressor. Always follow the instructions in the manual provided and watch the video FIRST! Select PSI or bar on the compressor before inflating! Important note: If you select PSI on the compressor, make sure the tent is NEVER inflated beyond 3.50 PSI. If you select BAR on the compressor, make sure the tent is NEVER inflated beyond 0.2413 bar.

Is the Fjordsen Air XL waterproof?

Several aspects are involved in assessing the waterproofing or water repellent properties of tent cloth. One of those aspects is called the "water column". The water column is an official test to determine how much water can remain on the fabric before water leaks through it. A water column of 600 mm means that 60 cm of water can stand on the fabric before water drips through. This will not happen in practice— 60 cm is more than in a normal bathtub. In short, a water column of 600 mm is more than sufficient in practice. Water run-off is another very important aspect. A high water column is less important if water cannot accumulate on the fabric due to good water repellency. After all, prevention is better than cure. TenCate tests the water repellency of its fabric in its laboratory using the official Bundessmann test, which simulates tropical rainfall and assesses how well the water runs off the fabric and whether it penetrates the fabric in the process. Our fabric achieves very high scores.

Can you tell me more about the TenCate outdoor tent cloth?

We use only the best materials to deliver the best possible rooftop tent. TenCate tent cloth is coated in 100% polyester. The material is light yet strong and durable. The microporous acrylic coating makes the fabric waterproof, weatherproof and durable. The material is easy to clean and meets the strictest environmental requirements. The Fjordsen XL tent cloth has a light and strong coating. Technical information: 70% polyester / 30% PVA 195 gr/m2 60 cm water column Finish: water, mould and dirt repellent

What is the delivery time?

Fjordsen Light 140 rooftop tents are in stock. This means that they can be delivered quickly if you order today. The delivery time varies from one to four weeks.

How did the Fjordsen XL rooftop tent perform in the official DNW wind tunnel test?

The Fjordsen XL rooftop tent has been officially tested by DNW, one of Europe's most advanced and specialised wind tunnel testing organisations. DNW was founded by the German Aerospace Center DLR and the Dutch Aerospace Center NLR. The Fjordsen Air XL rooftop tent performed exceptionally well in the wind tunnel test. Some competitors perform outdoor wind tests with wind energy simulations without scientific value or evidence. The official DNW test underscores the quality of the Fjordsen Air XL rooftop tent. It proves that the tent can easily withstand very strong winds and storms. Even though most people will try to place their car and rooftop tent in the safest place and environment possible, the Fjordsen Air XL has a durable and sturdy structure. About the DNW: Results:

How do I set up the Fjordsen Air XL?

The Fjordsen Air XL is easy to set up in 10 minutes. Click here to see how the Fjordsen XL works and how to easily stow it away.

How will my Fjordsen rooftop tent be shipped to my address?

We pay great care and attention to the safe delivery of your rooftop tent to the delivery address. The tent and all components are packed carefully and securely for shipping. We select the best transport companies who are known for their punctuality and proper handling of our packages. We do everything in our power to ensure that our high-quality rooftop tent reaches you in pristine condition. You will receive your Fjordsen rooftop tent in four boxes: Box 1/4 = Tent cloth, Box 2/4 = Platform, Box 3/4 = Profiles and Box 4/4 = Assembly components.

What is your return and refund policy?

Our return and refund policy can be found here:
Return and refund policy

How can I leave a review or send in a photo?

We love hearing about your experiences on your rooftop tent holiday. Send a photo of your holiday to, and it may be featured on our website and social media channels soon. If you have something else to say, leave a review or write an experience story for our stories page to inspire others with your holiday. Send your story and at least three photos to


So you've got your rooftop tent, but which mattress goes best with it? We recommend a mattress that is not too thick. In our experience, inflatable mattresses are the best option, depending on the number of people sleeping in the tent. We recommend the Quechua self-inflating mattresses or comfortable sleeping mats available from Decathlon. 

Please observe a maximum thickness of 5 to 7 cm for fixed mattresses. Why? This allows the mattresses to remain in the rooftop tent while it is closed for driving.

The maximum usable floor area for mattresses in the Fjordsen Light 220 is 205 x 220 cm. This means, for example:

  • 3 x Quechua sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm 
  • 1 x Quechua ULTIM large airbed 136 x 200 cm
  • 2x Quechua ULTIM airbed 70 x 200 cm + 1x Quechua sleeping mat 60 x 200 cm
Bakker 2 16 9

Unique folding and inflation system

  • This is why the tent is quick and easy to set up

Incredibly spacious yet highly compact.

  • This is why the tent is quick and easy to set up

Enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

  • Features four large windows that can be fully opened

The Fjordsen car checker

Fill in the car checker to find out which rooftop tent fits your car! Fjordsen rooftop tents fit on almost every car. We have kept our rooftop tents relatively light using smart design and lightweight materials. This means that you can even go rooftop tent camping in your Volkswagen Up or Renault Clio.

We do not know the roof carrying weight of your car. Check your car manual for more information.
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