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    Hardcover Car Roof Tent (Four-person) RT204

    5.00 out of 5

    Hardcover Car Roof Tent (Four-person) RT204

    In stock Suitable for 3 to 4 people (Lying surface 2 m x 2.20 m) Extra sturdy hardcover Fits on almost every car or bus
    £1.995,00 (incl. VAT)

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Do you want maximum freedom?

With the Fjordsen roof tent you have a place to sleep on your car within minutes. You can go anywhere you like but only require a little camping space.The roof tents are ideal for a touring holiday, festival, or as a stopover to a holiday resort. The roof tents are also very suitable for holidays in your own country.Especially if you want to stop briefly in different places and enjoy nature, without having to spend a lot of time packing to continue on your your journey. The roof tents are affordable and of good quality. The bed can still be made up while driving. This saves storage space in the car so that you can bring more things with you. You can of course easily hop into bed after a long drive. A roof tent is ideal because you can sleep on every terrain imaginable. There are no lines or pegs that you can trip over, and you always sleep on a flat surface, especially if you park the car on a flat surface. No sharp stones or a hard surface that impacts your sleep. Thanks to the 5-7 cm thick mattress you will experience sleeping in nature in a comfortable way. The Fjordsen roof tents are easy to use and affordable. We offer different types of roof tents in different price ranges, each with their own advantage. Will you go for the compact option and do you travel alone? Then we have a smaller tent as a solution that is very lightweight. Do you want to go on an adventure with the whole family? Even then you can come to us for a large roof tent that is suitable for a family of up to four people.

What type of car do I need?

For a roof tent it is often thought that a large 4x4 car is needed. This is not the case with our roof tents.They are also great to mount on a passenger car or on a van. Most roof tents are mounted with a universal connection on the roof racks of a van or car. If, according to the car manufacturer, roof racks can be mounted, it is also possible to place a roof tent on the car. Just check which carriers are suitable for your car. With the Fjordsen mounting kit and installation manual supplied as standard, the roof tent is mounted on the roof in about an hour.

The advantages of a roof tent:

 - A place to sleep within minutes

- Bed can remain made during the trip

- Always sleep on a flat surface with a high view

- Set up on every conceivable terrain

- Ready in no time

- Only requires a small camping place

- Extra luggage space in your car, because the tent and sleeping gear is on the roof

- Fold up and immediately ready to continue traveling

- Sleep high and dry from the ground, no problems with rising cold and moisture

Can my car handle the extra weight?

The maximum permitted weight of roof racks is often around 80 kg. The manufacturer's advice is based on the load while driving. When the car is stationary, roof racks can carry around 4 to 5 times as much weight. It is then no problem to load your car roof with 200 to 500 kg. With normal use, the car (with roof tent and people in it) is a stationary mass. The people who normally sit in the car now sleep on the car. So nothing has changed in the total mass. If the permitted weight of the vehicle is not exceeded, a roof tent is suitable for your car. Please note that a maximum speed of 120 km / h applies to driving with a roof tent (in the Netherlands).