Ulvik pop-up camping tent Ulvik pop-up camping tent
295 In stock

Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent
Ulvik pop-up camping tent

Ulvik pop-up camping tent

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 243,80 (ex. VAT)

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Packed down just as quickly as set up
Enough space for 3 to 4 people
The perfect festival tent

Fabric 210 DPU polyester material
Pole 10mm x 156 cm
& 10mm x 117cm
& 10 mm x 129 cm
& 10 mm x 40 cm
solid fiberglass
Hub aluminium hub with metal pin end
Dimensions 240 x 240 x 198 cm
Includes Carrying bag and tent pegs
Ground stakes 12
Carton size 168 x 22 x 22  cm
Netto weight 30 pounds
Floor With removable floor
Colors Orange/grey or green/grey
Diameter 3,10 meter

Relaxed camping with the Ulvik pop-up camping tent

A convenient festival tent, a compact family tent or a multifunctional side tent. The Ulvik pop-up camping tent is it all. Set up and stored within 2 minutes, spacious and yet dense. The ideal tent for a weekend break, a camping holiday or a summer festival.


Multifunctional pop-up tent

The Ulvik camping tent is multifunctional. The compact family tent offers enough sleeping space for 3 to 4 people. Set up the tent within 2 minutes and your holiday can start. Do you want some extra space and privacy during your camping trip? The Ulvik is also ideal as a side tent. An extra tent near the caravan, camper, large family tent or car roof tent offers many benefits. A private sleeping place for the children or a living space to eat and to sit out of the wind during bad weather.


The perfect festival tent

Of course you need a place to sleep during a multi-day festival, but you want to spend as little time as possible setting up a camping tent. Moreover, it is very convenient if go find back your own tent among hundreds of others The Ulvik pop-up camping tent is in that case the ideal festival tent. You can set up your tent within 2 minutes and because of its height and unique design it stands out from a distance (especially if you choose for the orange version).


At a festival campsite you usually have very little space for your tent.

The Ulvik pop-up tent is only 2.40 x 2.40 meters and yet it still offers room for 3 to 4 people. You don't have to dress up while lying on a sleeping mat or in a crowded and dirty shower room. You just do that while standing in the 2 meter high Ulvik. At the end of the festival you pack the tent in its handy carrying bag within two minutes and you are ready for the next festival!


Packed down as quickly as set up

The big advantage of a pop-up camping tent is the speed and simplicity of setting up. At most pop-up tents, that is also the biggest frustration. Try to fold away such a tent in the bag again without popping up all the time. That requires a lot of experience and skills.


The ingenious system of the Ulvik pop-up camping tentensures that the tent folds itself into the shape of the storage bag as soon as you push the walls. Within two minutes it is a dense package that you can easily place in the bag.


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