Hardcover Car Roof Tent (Double bed) RT203

Hardcover Car Roof Tent (Double bed) RT203

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In stock at the beginning of October, pre-order now possible!
Set up in one minute
Extra sturdy hardcover
Fits on almost every car or bus

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Dimensions set up 215 x 125 x 96 cm
Persons 2 people
Matras 5 cm
fabric 220g/m2 PU coating polyester
Netto weight 80 kg
Carton size 221 x 35 x 133 cm
Load capacity 300 kg
Frame ABS / Aluminium / Steel
Cover Hard Cover ABS
Ladder 1 telescopic ladder

- New model 2019

In stock at the beginning of October, pre-order now possible!

The RT203 is a compact tent suitable for 2 people. This roof tent has a hard cover made of ABS / ASA material and is very easy to unfold. This roof tent is 215 x 125 cm and 96 cm high. This tent weighs 80 kilos and has a strong frame. The advantage of a hard cover is that you only have to click the cover open, and the gas springs do the rest. Roof racks are suitable for the RT203 that are at least 85 cm apart and at most 120 cm apart.

A roof tent is ideal because you can sleep on every terrain imaginable. There are no lines or pegs that you can trip over, and you always sleep on a flat surface, especially if you park the car on a flat surface. No sharp stones or a hard surface that impacts your sleep. The Fjordsen roof tents are easy to use and affordable. We offer different types of roof tents in different price ranges, each with their own advantage. Will you go for the compact option and do you travel alone? Then we have a smaller tent as a solution that is very lightweight. Do you want to go on an adventure with the whole family? Even then you can come to us for a large roof tent that is suitable for a family of up to four people.

You need roof racks to install the car roof tent on. It’s possible to use roof racks of up to 70mm in width.

Yes, you must install the roof tent on your car yourself. Please bear in mind that when you come to collect the roof tent, you will need help to set up the roof tent on the car. We may be happy to help you load the roof tent in your car or on a trailer, but unfortunately we have no staff available who can help with the construction of this.

Most car roof tents are installed using a universal connection to the roof racks/cross girders of a car or van. If the manufacturer states that roof racks can be installed on your car, you can install a car roof tent.

It takes about an hour to install a car roof tent on the roof racks. Unfolding the tent takes less than a minute.

We only have single-layer tents with fabric: 220g/m2

Yes, you can view the car roof rent (when in stock) in our warehouse by appointment.  You can contact sales@fjordsen.com to make an appointment.

The ladders are suitable for cars up to 240 cm in height.

We unfortunately don’t sell any additional accessories. The car roof tent is delivered as a complete package but does not come with additional accessories.

RT201: This car roof tent is suitable for two people

RT202M: This car roof tent is suitable for two people

RT202L: This car roof tent is suitable for three people

RT203: This car roof tent is suitable for two people

RT204: This car roof tent is suitable for four people

The maximum recommended speed applies to driving with a car roof tent. In the Netherlands, this is 120 km/h (130 km/h on some routes). However, this differs from country to country. For RT203 and RT204 is 110 km/h the maximum. 

A car roof tent protects you as well as a regular tent. Do keep in mind that the tent is higher up and therefore catches more wind than it would on the ground.

Yes, the mattress has a detachable and washable cover.

The roof tents all have different sizes and weights. These can be found on the product pages.


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